Site Council Minutes May 2022

Monday May 23, 2022

Present: Chai’enne, Terri, Whitney, Deirdre, Laura


  • Review student data: We do not have all of our data/testing done yet. We are looking at EasyCBM data that we have so far. 
    • Math: Students made some growth. 3rd grade’s group did not show as much group from fall to winter. Some thoughts were skills were new
    • Reading: Although Kindergarten isn’t listed, they have been making tremendous growth. 1st and 2nd grade have made some progress but there is room for more growth. Some thoughts here are missed school/pandemic.
    • Attendance: over 90 percent (we have a huge proportion who are always here or may miss one day) but we are missing the students who consistently are absent. We are the lowest that we have been in the past five years with our students who regularly attend. Attendance will stay a goal for our School Improvement Plan.
  • Plan elections: We stagger the election grouping so that we have two experienced and two “newbies.”
    • Staff interest form out in the next few days and give a week for everyone who is interested. June 1st will be the final day for people to show interest. Deirdre will give until June 13th for people to vote on the ballot.
    • Get the word to parents by including it in open house or conference information in the fall. Parents may not be interested right now (spring time). 
    • Teachers could send out information about joining Site Council in Sept. and possibly at a meet and greet. Then have parents vote on the ballot during Curriculum night.
    • QR code that brings up the ballot and families can quickly vote during the Curriculum night. 
  • 5th Grade Promotion: PACK is helping
    • Keep it lowkey and outdoor
    • Informal drop in; no speeches, no carpet
    • Stations: Get certificate, photo opportunity 
    • Beach theme: no formal attire
    • Kona Ice for the students!!! (Siblings will be able to get one)
    • Set up on the playground
    • Thursday before the last day of school
  • Field Day!!!
    • Not the whole school at once: K-2 for 45 minutes (9:00-9:45)  and 3-5 for 45 minutes (10:00-10:45)
    • Students may choose whatever stations they want
    • Teachers will host a station
    • Some type of snack/treat (popsicles) 
    • Clap out for 5th grade as they head to their field day
    • Early release at 11:10! Students will receive a sack lunch on their way home.
    • Possible parent volunteers to help assist with teacher stations
  • If time, we can talk about the Annual Event Calendar that we have been working on.
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