October 2021 Site Council Minutes

Monday, Oct. 4th (1st meeting of the year)

Present: Chai’enne, Whitney, Laura, Terri, Lynn, Angie, Deirdre


    1. Intros & Icebreakers
    2. Review & approve Title One documents (Alice)
      1. Part of the Title One Grant is parent involvement is to have a compact; Needs to be approved by site council
      2. Compact will be a google form that can be emailed out to families; will make one for each classroom teacher so they will not need to sign
      3. We made several edits from the previously copied compact (from 2019) example dropping Cheetah P.R.I.D.E. because it hasn’t been taught in school this year.
    3. Team roles: 
      1. Facilitator: Deirdre; 
  • Note-taker: Take turns
  • Time-keeper: Take turns
  • Scheduler/Agenda Keeper: Laura
  1. Review and update meeting norms
    1. Last year: Start and end on time; stay focused; have an agenda and an action plan; ask questions and be curious
  2. Review Site Council guiding documents
    1. Discussed documents that explained what site council is and specifics such as how many teachers, admin, classified, and parents.
  3. EEF Grants: Prioritize proposals
  4. Look at what we want to accomplish this year & organize it into chunks for meetings. (We can meet as little as four times a year and as often as once a month.) Some important things to include:
    1. Monitor implementation of ESSA plan 
    2. Review school data and student assessment data periodically
    3. Communication plan – website; PACK representation; share out with staff
    4. Election of new members: It is mentioned in our Cheetah Chatter for this month, next steps is getting info. out to teachers to send to families.
    5. EEF grants: Grants are due this Friday (10/8), diverse books for each classroom teacher (about 5,00), Ipad charging hubs (700), OBOB books (about 700), Supplies for BIPOC Affinity Group (500)
      1. 1st: Diverse Books, 2nd: OBOB, 3rd: BIPOC affinity Group, 4th: Charging Hubs
    6. Title One documents (parent involvement policy, compacts) (Notes above)
    7. Create & update School Event Calendar 
      1. ESSA meeting two times a year (Fall and Spring)
      2. School Events Calendar: we began a draft; must haves: curriculum night, fundraisers 
      3. Possible Sub Committee 
  5. Once we have our 3-6 chunks, we will schedule the meetings, including time and date. Think about which meetings we will need the full ESSA team for.
  6. Next meeting is Monday, November 22 and it will be on Zoom. The following meeting (ESSA Review) will be December 6 from 4:00-5:30.
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