February 2022 Site Council Minutes

Monday Feb 28

Present: Chai’enne, Laura, Deirdre, Lynn, Terri, Whitney


  1. Welcome and check in 
  2. Announcements 
    1. Staffing for next year: Keeping 4 kindergarten classrooms and getting back a 4th grade teacher.
      1. Feedback: Terri loves the small classes and sees the benefits
    2. Other: 
      1. World Wide Welcome Relay: We signed up as different teams; one per grade level and we’ll represent different nations.
      2. Duck Dash to all students in 4j April 30th. More information to come
      3. Read Across America Week: March 14-17: Different themes/dress up days, Chai’enne will work on flyer and have done by Friday, March 4th
  3. Report from Events Subcommittee: 
    1. Mapping out events for each month/planning out events for the year
    2. Looked over the events we have listed for each month.
  4. Event calendar
    1. Plan schoolwide “Drop Everything and Read” Day March 11 
    2. Possible Cesar Chavez Week like in Springfield
    3. Possible Huerta Awards Virtual Assembly in April
    4. Jog-a-thon is April 29th at Chavez. Need volunteer supervision since it will be outside
    5. SET UP MEETING with Terri, Chai’enne, Deirdre, Neil, Jay, and Angie to plan events for the remainder of the year.
  5. Upcoming meetings:
    1. April – ESSA – 25th
    2. May 23rd – final meeting. Review data, elections.
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