December 2021 Site Council Minutes

Monday, Dec. 6

Present: Deirdre, Alice, Sasha, Kristin, Laura, Lynn, Terri, Whitney, Heather, Sarah, Chai’enne

Agenda: ESSA Plan Review

Essential questions to guide our ESSA Plan Review work this year:

  • How are we doing in relation to our goals in the three focus areas (Attendance, Math, and Implementing AVID)?
  • Which action items can we check off the list?
  • Which action items should we continue to focus our attention on?
  • Knowing that our ESSA plan expires at the end of this year: What process will we use to roll this ESSA plan into a new and updated School Improvement Plan for the future?
  • Opener: What is one thing you were able to check off your to-do list today?
  • Overview of task and Goals Review Doc
  • Breakout rooms:
    • Attendance – Sasha, Heather, Kristin, Terri
    • Math – Alice, Laura, Whitney
    • AVID – Sarah, Deirdre, Lynn
  • Whole group share-out, discuss EQs
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