April 2022 Site Council Minutes

Monday Apr 25, 2022

Present: Alice, Deirdre, Kristin, Chai’enne, Terri, Lynn B., Whitney

Agenda: Final ESSA Plan Review and Recommendations to SIP Team

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What strategies and action steps from our current ESSA plan should be carried over into the new SIP plan?


  • Original ESSA plan is on page 1-7
  • Review notes follow that, organized by goal
  • The most recent review (12/6/22) starts on page 16
  • Scan and discuss in your small group
  • Starting on page 20: record the strategies and action items that you recommend appear in the new SIP plan
    • These could be action items that have not yet been completed
    • Could also be items/activities that are in place that need to be maintained/continued
    • Could be new items/activities that you see a need for
  • Please record your thinking, wonderings, concerns … the more info, the better for the SIP team to consider
  • Re: AVID Goal:
    • There is a proposal on the table to utilize AVID strategies as strategies and/or action items in the new plan, instead of having AVID be its own goal. For example, implementing 2-column notes could be an action item under the Math goal. 
    • AVID group: please include recommendations from all AVID domains, not just Instruction. Apply the lens of the indicators being used to support larger goals such as Math, Attendance, and ??? (possibly ELA).
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