April 2021 Site Council Minutes

Monday, April 26, 2021

Present: Deirdre, Angie, Whitney, Alice, Chai’enne, Marie, Jacy, Laura

Notetaker: Marie


  1. Debrief how things are going at school
  2. Discuss EEF grant proposals 
    1. No current EEF grant proposals i.e. field trips but most purchases have been covered mostly through school’s budget already
    2. $5,000 max – every year, we have applied for this and we have gotten funded (field trips usually)
    3. Laura – possible field trip with construction, water, lots of opportunity for cross/multi-discipline experiences
    4. Possibly classroom libraries?
    5. Reminder to staff needed, so we can meet next round’s deadline (in fall)
    6. https://eeflane.org/2020-21-grant-application-cycle/
    7. Artist in Residence has also been funded
  3. Election planning
    1. Alice and Marie are at 2-year term, Angie will be on until 2022, Whitney and Chai’enne are year 1, Jacy is at 2-year term. Need elections for position 3 (Alice), 4 (Marie), Parent Position (Jacy)
    2. Timing of elections – how to include kinder parents plus get parents engaged early. Fall = parent voting/interest
    3. Staff elections-
      1. May 12: Let Deirdre know if they are interested in serving
      2. May 19: Google Form opens
      3. May 26: Voting closes
  4. First steps toward creating a yearlong event calendar.
    1. Helpful for advance planning and selecting dates with parent input
    2. Family Engagement/Events – Chai’enne shared great monthly engagement event ideas from previous school
    3. Angie, Alice, Marie, Jacy: sub-committee

Next time: May 24, ESSA review, possibly no June meeting or we can make last meeting into off-campus meet-up on June 7


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