February 2021 Site Council Minutes

Monday, Feb. 22, 2021

Present: Alice, Angie, Chai’enne, Jacy, Marie (Deirdre had a conflict & came for the second half)

Notetaker: Marie

Facilitated by Alice


  1. Welcome, check-ins
  2. ECBM winter results (Alice)
    1. Increase in grade 1 students served 🙂 Yay!
    2. Did not test all students again, only ones below 30th percentile
    3. 1st grade: doing walk to read/many may work with different 1st grade teacher
    4. Fluency on Seesaw with recording and timer as way to progress monitor
  3. Hybrid/SSO updates
    1. New survey results: we saw a trend toward more families choosing SSO than previously indicated, although it varies by grade level.
    2. Still working on final staffing and class lists internally
    3. Class lists & cohorts will be posted for parents on Friday, 2/26
    4. The elementary classroom shift will come the week of March 8 (if we are on target to begin the hybrid model for grades K–1 March 15 – this is all dependent on getting the vaccines in time).
    5. Updated potential timeline: 
      1. March 8: Elementary classrooms shift 
      2. March 15: Grades K–1 begin hybrid learning
      3. April 5: Grades 2–5 begin hybrid learning 
      4. April 12: Grades 6–12 begin hybrid learning
    6. Remember that 4J has made a commitment to making full vaccination and 2-week immunity period available to staff before re-opening in person. That is why this timeline could change.
  4. Schoolwide communication plan discussion
    1. Whole school messages from the office
      1. Currently: email, facebook, Cheetah Chatter. Important/Urgent messages get “autodialer” phone calls – can send a text message from here!
    2. Communication between teacher and parent
      1. Currently: variety of methods depending on teacher and parent preference and comfort level, don’t have a whole-school way to send out text (many parents prefer text)
      2. Could start survey of who prefers what type of communication
      3. Email is great – Alice; Text is best but be careful about doubling up on message – Whitney; Email is great – Jacy; basically everyone has different preferences
      4. Synergy options/preferences
      5. Survey – how to filter out who already responded
  5. Three big takeaways from this meeting to communicate out to stakeholders:
    1.  Reading scores are looking great, especially 2nd – 5th fluency!
    2.  Hybrid – we’re workin on it
    3. Communication – continuing to work on streamlining
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