January 2021 Site Council Minutes

Monday, Jan 25, 2021

Present: Deirdre, Jacy, Laura, Chai’enne, Alice, Whitney, Marie, Angie


-Review/update Site Council communication plan

  • Post site council minutes to the school website, and share with all staff.  All stakeholders need to have access as to what is going on at site council.  
  • 3 big takeaways posted in Cheetah Chatter & PACK newsletter after each meeting
  • Upcoming Site Council meeting dates posted in Cheetah Chatter and website calendar
  • PACK update – PACK has decided to hibernate for the rest of the year since there is low participation at meetings.  Jacy is working on getting information to share with school and will meet one more time before the end of the school year.  

-Schoolwide communication

  • Remind app? Parents look at phones
  • Seesaw can send texts – parent needs to set up notifications. Need to opt-in.
  • Challenging to communicate with teachers via Seesaw
  • Ability to send a schoolwide text?? Would be nice  
  • Put on agenda for next time … considering surveying teachers and families

-share ECBM fall results (Alice)

  • Grades K, 2-5 pretty typical results
  • 1st grade: more than usual at some/high risk. We are most worried about these 1st graders who went to CDL before learning to read.
  • The numbers prove how crucial reading is in kinder and first grade.  
  • Some challenges with math ECBM – parents were helping kids with their tests.  Plus it was hard to hear on the iPads.
  • Will be doing the winter reading/math ECBM for any students that were below 30%.

-class size/enrollment 

  • Current enrollment is 368.  Down from about 440 in a normal school year.  
  • Our class sizes are nice and small, with 2nd grade being the smallest (~19) and 5th being the largest (~24)
  • Staffing is based on enrollment.  This year because some families are choosing to home school or attend other on line charter schools, our enrollment is down. 2021-21 staffing allocations will be based on last years numbers.
  • Question was asked if a parent asks to have kinders enroll into Kinder again next year. They can enroll in Kinder if they are 5-6 years old and have not been enrolled in any accredited school or program. If they did attend school, they will go to 1st.

-Parent feedback: keep it simple – CDL. Kids need to be in school. Kinder regressing.

-review 2019-20 ODE report card

  • The 2019-20 school and district profiles do not include statewide assessments data, class size data, or attendance data as a result of the necessary statewide school closures and the implementation of Distance Learning for All.

-Consider draft schedule for rest of year: APPROVED

  • January 25 4:00-5:00 Review/update communication plan, share ECBM fall results, class size/enrollment including Hybrid/SSO discussion, review 2019-20 report card
  • February 22 4:00-5:00 ECBM winter results, ongoing review/discussion of Hybrid/SSO, schoolwide communication plan
  • April 26 4:00-5:00: decide on EEF grant proposals (?), election planning, Title docs
  • May 24 4:00-5:30: ESSA plan review, spring assessment results
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