October 2020 Site Council Minutes

Site Council Membership:

Position Name Group Role
Certified Position 1 (2020-21 through 2021-22) Chai’enne Lucas Time Keeper
Certified Position 2 (2020-21 through 2021-22) Whitney Oliver Time-Keeper & Note-Taker
Certified Position 3 (2019-20 through 2020-21) Alice Williamson Facilitator and/or Note-Taker
Certified Position 4 (2019-20 through 2020-21) Marie Vendrasco Note-Taker
Classified Angie Gee Time-Keeper & Note-Taker
Admin Deirdre Pearson Facilitator
Parent Position 1  (2020-21 through 2021-22)  Laura Farthing Guiding Document Creator
Parent Position 2  (2019-20 through 2020-21)  Jacy Berg Scheduler/Reminder/Agenda Keeper


NOTE: Parent Position 3 (2019-20 through 2020-21) is vacant due to Kimmie Dupret’s students withdrawing. Having three parents was an exception to the guidelines, so we may choose to stay with two.


Tuesday, Oct. 13th (1st meeting of the year)


  • Intros & Icebreakers
  • Review and update meeting norms
    • Last year: Start and end on time; stay focused; have an agenda and an action plan; ask questions and be curious
  • Review Site Council guiding documents

Based on state guidelines, help with community involvement/shared decision-making

  • Vote on membership ratio re: parent representation

Keep as is!

    • Team roles: rotate 🙂


  • Facilitator : Alice will do this in November meeting
  • Note-taker
  • Time-keeper
  • Scheduler/Agenda Keeper


  • Approve Title One documents. They have been modified to reflect social distancing guidelines.
    • Updated Compact – agreed to changes! Nice work Alice!
    • Updated Parent Involvement Policy – virtual family event? Or shared during conferences?
  • EEF Grants: Make a plan

-virtual field trips for second deadline? OBOB at least at a smaller scale for first deadline? We will check with teachers on field trips

  • Look at what we want to accomplish this year & organize it into chunks for meetings. (We can meet as little as four times a year and as often as once a month.) Some important things to include:
    • Monitor implementation of ESSA plan – next meeting (November)
    • Review school data and student assessment data periodically
    • Communication plan – website; PACK representation; share out with staff
    • Election of new members
    • EEF grants
    • Title documents (parent involvement policy, compacts)
  • Once we have our 3-6 chunks, we will schedule the meetings, including time and date. Think about which meetings we will need the full ESSA team for.
  • November 17th next meeting – with ESSA 


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