KITS Summer Program

KITS is FREE and available to all incoming kindergarten students! Space is limited, and we encourage all families to apply using the links below.

Apply Here

Please apply by April 14th.

Your child’s kindergarten experience will include:
• Full school day program
• Free breakfast every day
• Caring, highly skilled teachers
• Strong introduction to academics
• Social/emotional development
• Music and physical education
• Safe, secure, welcoming school environment

For many children, kindergarten is the beginning of their education and their first step outside the familiarity of home. For many parents, it’s the start of a relationship with their public school system.

We are honored to be a partner in your child’s education. We value kindergarten as a time when students develop a love for learning and bonding friendships. In Eugene 4J kindergarten classrooms, we aim to ensure each child feels safe, loved, and part of a school family. When children feel connected in this way they are able to grow academically and socially and build lifelong skills such as perseverance, empathy, organization, attention, flexibility, and time management.

The 4J kindergarten program strives to give parents and students the right start in education by caring for and understanding each child’s needs and each family’s concerns. We encourage families to contact their school whenever they have questions or concerns.

Welcome to kindergarten and to 4J schools. Working together, we can build a path to a successful future for every child.

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