November 2021 Site Council Minutes

Monday, Nov. 22

Present: Angie, Deirdre, Chai’enne, Whitney, Lynn, Terri, Laura

Note-taker: Angie

Time-keeper: Terri


  1. Intros and welcome Betsy 🙂
  2. Title One Parent Involvement Policy – review & approve updates
  • Reviewing Title One Compact for Alice.  There was a section we did not review last meeting.
  • Made a few edits and all agreed
  1. EEF grant results – CELEBRATION!
    1. We were granted: Diverse books for each classroom teacher (about 5,000), OBOB books (about 700), Supplies for BIPOC Affinity Group (500), 5th Grade Stem Supplies (150)
    2. Ipad charging hubs (700) – grant denied because 4J Tech Dept decided to pay for these
  2. Review student enrollment and class size – Deirdre
  3. Review fall ECBM data – Deirdre
  • Student enrollment is lower than in previous years.  100 less than in previous years
  • Projections were not what the district thought were going to be especially for kinders.
  • 4th grade started with low numbers then new 4th grade families moved in adding 6 more 4th grade students.
  • There is a district parent survey regarding whether they are going to return to in person learning at semester break.
  • Reading – 1st grade students were testing really low due to not having in person kinder and lack of instruction.
  • Students are showing growth in reading across grade levels now that we are in person.
  • Students are getting lots of support in math and growth is happening.
  1. Schedule out meetings & draft agendas for the rest of the year (see notes below)
  • ESSA – go over ESSA plan twice per year
  • Sub committee for events Laura, Betsy, Lynn, Terri, Chai’enne, Angie.  Angie will send out invite for meeting dates and times.  
  • Next meeting date: Dec  6 – ESSA
  1. Jan 24th Sub committee – zoom link needed
  2. Feb 28th – Whole team meeting. Focus: event calendar
  3. March – skip
  4. April – ESSA – 25th
  5. May 23rd – final meeting. Review data, elections.
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