“PE Pieces” shared by Ms. Terri

Physical Education/Health Resources for Families

November 2016

 We are off to a great start in P.E. at Chavez this year! This first semester students have P.E. once a week and during the second semester they will have P.E. twice a week. When students come to P.E., they go to their Gym Homes(a colored number they sit on in the gym). We then do a warm up followed by an activity/game. I really strive to have students maximize movement while at the same time moving safely and having fun. We started our monthly 5 Minute Partner Run in October. Ask your student how many laps they completed. We will continue this throughout the school year. Some of the skills we have worked on include volleying and striking.

I always try to encourage families to try to do a little exercise as often as possible. Maybe go for a walk, play outside or even jog in place inside. If you have access to the internet, gonoodle.com is a great website for family friendly movement activities. Many of our teachers use this in their classrooms for movement breaks for our students and they love it!

If you have any questions about P.E. or would like to volunteer in a P.E. class, please feel free to contact me!
Terri Kelley